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A fan Q&A with the members from OriStar magazine

Jordan's Bat is Rumbling no. 6 Tottsu's fanboy encounter continues…

And I think I posted it before but I've been working on the entire run of 2/5 talks from WiNK UP. You can find additional talks linked on this post.

[Schedule] ABC-Z Schedule : April 2014

ABC-Z Schedule - April 2014

・ the time of some regular shows (eg Mousoulist) can sometimes vary.
・ From April onwards, the MCs for Shounen Club (1st & 2nd Wednesdays each month) will be Kawai Fumito and Kiriyama Akito (of Johnnys West). Also the MCs for the Shounen Club Selection Special (4th Wednesday each month) will be Totsuka Shota and Nakama Junta (of Johnnys West).

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Last Updated: 2014.04.05



I was home recovering from an injury for a few days so I've had some time on my hands…

Fumikyun X Kiriyama crosstalk about being the new hosts of Shokura: http://nekobot01.livejournal.com/804665.html

And I did a string of the "2/5 Talks" from WiNK UP:

2013.12 Hashimoto x Tsuka-chan, food talk, craziness ensues.
2014.01 Tottsu x Kawai, reading talk, Kawai tells ridiculous stories
2014.02 Hashimoto x Gocchi, more food talk, Goseki knows about calorie counts
2014.03 Gocchi x Kawai, find out what the REAL story is behind "Kabuki Taro" and "Goseko"
2014.04 Tottsu x Tsuka-chan, shopping talk, Tsuka-chan tries to get Tottsu to go shopping with him

Leaving Japan Sale

At my journal I am now selling:

Shonentachi Poster
ABCZ summary penlight
Shonentachi photoset

Please take a look here

Thank you :)

ABC to Z Trading Cards Trades!


I noticed a lot of people wanted to trade cards that came with the first press regular edition of ABC to Z but had no where to do so. So I created a post over here

Basically you comment with your details and the card you're looking for and if other people are willing to trade, they'll comment and you carry on from there!

If you're interested please read the post and then comment :)

I don't think anybody has done this already even though it's from a while ago.

Cinema Square had a small Bad Boys J spread, which included a "Nights" crosstalk!

Find out what Hasshi thought about filming the movie!


(And I can't wait for the DVD to come!!)

JE-Wakamono Fic Exchange Sign-Ups

Signups are now open here at je_wakamono, the new fic exchange for Kis-My-Ft2, Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z, Johnny's West, and Johnny's Juniors! Come and join us!


WiNK UP crosstalk 2014.04 "Imagination"

I translated the latest WiNK UP crosstalk for your enjoyment!

Part 1: http://nekobot01.livejournal.com/799234.html
Part 2: http://nekobot01.livejournal.com/799697.html

Find out who sits where in Ebi's special van! Re-live Tsuka-chan and Fumikyun's epic lunch date at the NHK cafeteria! And what did happen to Goseki's legendary hoodie?!

Guest appearances from Miyacchi, Fujigaya, Tackey, Fuma, Jesse, Hasegawa Jun (!), and the elusive "Manager-san."

New layout and profile!

Just a quick note to highlight (if it wasn't already obvious ;;) that we have a new layout and profile, courtesy of moonshadow_87 !  She spent a lot of time designing, editing and coding, so feel free to leave comments of appreciation / constructive feedback here or directly to her ♥

The profile has been deliberately left uncluttered, we will post the detailed information about A.B.C-Z (e.g. full songs list, concert / butai appearances) as entries on the community instead, for future reference.

Also, it doesn't look like From ABC to Z is selling very well ;; If it is possible, I hope we can support their first CD by purchasing a copy - hopefully this will pave the way for future CD releases :)

We've come to the end, dear friends. The 4U x A.B.C-Z cross talk series has finished.

Enjoy the last part where Hasshi and Gocchi take on 4U's Koshi and fireworks ensue.

Find out what happens when somebody spilled banana juice! Who was that weird foreigner? (NOT ME I SWEAR) And what exactly does Hasshi remember…?!


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Please contact mods risakochan or snowqueenofhoth for any questions!

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